Residential Pressure Washing Services Mesa AZ

Residential Pressure Washing Services Mesa AZ

Mobile hot-water pressure washing services for hire in Mesa, Arizona.

Pressure Washing CompanyCommon Residential Pressure Washing Services

  • Driveway cleaning and garage cleaning to remove oil stains, paint spills, tire tracks, etc.
  • Pressure washing courtyards, back patios, pool areas, and barbecue areas to clean off food and grease stains, pet stains, bird droppings, dust, dirt & debris.
  • House washing (walls, eaves, etc.) to prepare surfaces for painting, or just to clean off dirt, and cobwebs. Also washing off gates, block walls, fountains, landscape or other areas around the home.
  • Stripping off old sealer from concrete, pavers, exposed aggregate, etc. Interested in resealing your pavers or concrete? Check out this paver sealing Phoenix website.
  • Cleaning up miscellaneous stains, dirt and debris from storms, parties and events, neglect, etc.

Surfaces Our Pressure Washers Clean

  • concrete
  • pavers
  • stone
  • tile
  • exposed
  • aggregate
  • flagstone
  • travertine
  • asphalt
  • building exteriors
  • block walls

Residential Pressure Washing Projects

Pressure Washing Mesa ArizonaHouse Exterior

Besides flatwork, we can also clean off the exterior of houses and other structures. We can remove dust, spider webs, and bird droppings. Pressure washing is a fast and simple way to clean up your entire property. Many of our exterior cleans are on 2nd homes for prominent athletes and other home owners that only live in the Phoenix area part of the year.

Pressure Washing Company Mesa AZDriveways

One of the most common questions we hear is “Do you clean driveways?” We clean driveways of all types and sizes! Our pressure washing company has cleaned over 5,000 driveways in Arizona over the last 6 years!

Each pressure washer in our arsenal blasts out steam and hot water at 3500 psi to clean up tire marks, spills, dirt and debris. We also use chemicals and detergents to remove especially tough stains from driveways including paint, oil spills, and grease.


Cleaning out the garage? Or preparing to install an epoxy floor in your garage?  Our pressure washers can steam-clean the surface to remove spills, stains, dirt, and debris. Has your car been leaking oil on your garage floor? Our technicians use industrial degreasers and steam to clean oil stains.

Our pressure wash company cleans commercial parking garages too. Visit our commercial pressure washing page for more info.

Patios & Courtyards

Mesa, Arizona can be a beautiful place to spend time outside. Our pressure washing services can help clean your courtyards, patios, pool and BBQ areas. We help our customers clean up around their homes for parties, weddings and other special occasions. We can also help you clean up after monsoons and other messy storms. After all, you clean the inside of your house… why not the outside?

Our pressure washers can clean up food and drink spills, grease from around the barbecue, pet stains, bird droppings, grime, dirt, debris, and many other substances.

Pool Areas

Pressure Washing Services Mesa AZClean up around your personal little desert oasis! Our pressure washing technicians clean pool decks and other nearby areas to make your pool as clean and inviting as possible. We can clean pavers, tile, flagstone, travertine, stamped concrete, or any other dirty surface around your pool.

Our pressure washers can blast away a whole winter’s worth of leaves, bird droppings, grime, dirt, debris, and so much more!

Sidewalks & Walkways

We powerwash concrete sidewalks, walkways and entries. If your walkways are built with pavers or stone, we are equipped to clean those too! We can remove dirt, grime, spills, stains, bird droppings, etc.

The sidewalk entry leading to your front door is one of the first impressions that your house makes on your guests.  Pressure washing is a quick way to make the best impression possible by increasing your home’s curb appeal!

Why Hire a Pressure Washing Company?

Consumer power washers typically only use cold water and may come with 0-degree tips which may significantly damage your concrete, tile, pavers or stonework.

Our pressure washing company uses only commercial-grade, skid mounted machines capable of producing hot water and steam up to 300°F and 3500psi. We also have a collection of industrial-grade chemicals we use to help clean really difficult stains whenever necessary. We put all these tools into the hands of trained, experienced technicians that know how to get your project as clean as possible.

No job is too small or too big, please contact us for a free estimate!

Pressure Washing Services Phoenix AZ